We are here to help you to recover from becoming separated from your partner or children

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Hello, My name is Wayne and I am from Separated Men.

I am a life coach who is helping people that have gone through separation issues at some point in their life and are having difficulties in getting through them.

Throughout our program we will discuss many issues in life and possible ways to work through them.

Many heartaches can take weeks months or even years to work through.

My aim is to help people through these heartaches so you can move onto a more enjoyable life.

As they say there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

With our program we will go through the stages of separation and learn how to control your feelings and emotions.

We cover how to cope with the issues around children from broken relationships. Specifically, if they continue to be a part of your life, or like in my case, any communication with children has been removed.

We want to help you with rebuilding you, so you can feel better about yourself and learn to love yourself.

We want you to learn how to enjoy your own company and then moving on to building new relationships.

We want to help as many as we can to reduce the destruction of life that comes from relationship separation before it happens.

You are important to someone why not let it be you.


Welcome to Separated Men

Why are we doing this?

We are here to help you to recover from becoming separated from your partner or children. The pain a man can go through throughout these times can be difficult. Men have no assistance to work through your problems which can end in tragedy from loss of your job, friends and family and even worse. Were here to help to through this and get you on the road to recovery sooner.


Who we want to help?

We want to help you to get through these troubling and confusing times. If you have any of the following. Shock, numb, denial, emotional outbursts, anger, fear, disorganized, panic, guilt, lonely, Isolated or depression. We are here to help you get through the troubling times,


Why it's important?


Mental wellbeing is the most important part of going through a troubled part of your life controlling your thoughts and placing them into a positive, productive future for yourself. Mental stability is important to live, work and play. Concentrate on tasks that you are currently working on.


Why we want to help?

The amount of time problems I went through to get to where I am today has been a rollercoaster ride from hell.  I have the experience and knowledge to help you get through this. I have helped family and friends going through the same basis of issues. The people I have assisted have asked me to help others through these troubling times.


Being a professional, I am very sceptical that I'm influenced or changed through others telling me what to do, well, I will admit when wrong, although the advice and guidance at the time seems unreasonable or even impossible, it does process through and then you go, wow, now I see it. So within the first 4 weeks, it started to come to fruition, now I sit back and laugh, I've become that happy better me because of this program, she is still in damage bitch psychotic control. Troy B - Qld


I can't believe that just after the short program, I was doing better than my mates, they are still in the denial depressed phase where I'm actually living a happy fun life, meeting new people and being that man I was before her... Simon R - Qld