About Wayne

Hi gents, I am certain by now you have seen me offering some assistance to others on my Facebook page and I thought it was time that I shared my story or challenges as I call them now.

So here it goes.
After 8 years of marriage in 2008, My wife was constantly yelling at me to find a better job to earn more money. The consequence of this I was now working 96 to 106 hours a week. I had little quality family time and the time I was at home became toxic with my wife.

My wife filed for divorce and I was forced to leave the family home. The divorce got messy and as I was the father I got screwed by the system here in Australia.

Court costs were huge. Got a jugement to see my 2 kids every fortnight on the weekend.

Once the divorce was completed I was awarded 17% of assets. The divorce was completed in November.

I collected the kids on Christmas Day just after lunch at our meeting point. I took them home to spend some real quality time with them. This was my best Christmas in years.

The following day, 26th of December at lunchtime I return the kids to their mother.

Then the bombshell hits me she tells me "that's great you had a good time with them your not going to see them again". She got in the car and drove off.

26th of December 2008 was the last time I spoke to and saw my two kids.

So after this I basically just went to hell stayed there for about 6 to 7 years.

In this time I had ups and downs financially, mentally and phsically. I tried to end my life twice and came through all of this to be the man I am today.

Things can still hurt you no matter what it is. The fact that you come through it all after the crap is gone makes a strong man and a happy one.

Gents I wish you all the best to keep strong and most of all find your happiness